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  • Forensic Institute of Physical Security (FIOPS) - International organization for forensic and investigative locksmiths, law enforcement, and others with an interest in forensic locksmithing.
  • LockWiki.com - Resource for locksmithing, lockpicking, locksport, and much more. Please contribute if you can!
  • Lockpicking 101 Forums - Great place to go to get advice and learn.
  • Keypicking Forums - Great place to go to get advice and learn.
  • TOOOL NL - Good source of European locksport info and several articles on high security locks.
  • Blackbag - Blog by TOOOL NL that has good info on high security locks, locksport events, and, every now and then, some forensics info.
  • Security.org - Homepage of Marc Tobias, author of Locks, Safes, and Security.
  • Goeth.de - Homepage of Manfred Göth, author of Werkzeugspur ("Tool Traces").
  • Deviating.net - Homepage of Deviant Ollam, TOOOL US member, creator of Gringo Warrior, and all around cool dude.
  • TheAmazingKing.com - Homepage of Jon King, inventor of the Medecoder tool.
  • LSI International - American/Canadian locksport group, another good source of locksport info.
  • NDE Magazine - First (only?) E-zine on lockpicking, safecracking, and locksport.
  • TOOOL US - American chapter of TOOOL, yet another good source of locksport info.
  • SSDev - The original locksport group, founded in Germany.