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Articles & Whitepapers

This page lists all the articles, whitepapers, and advisories I have written concerning forensic locksmithing, locksport, and physical security.

  • Mul-T-Lock: Design and Security
  • This paper discusses Mul-T-Lock telescoping pin-tumbler designs throughout the company's nearly 40 year history. This includes the Classic, Interactive, CLIQ, 3-in-1, MT5, and MT5+. In addition, attack techniques against Mul-T-Lock systems are evaluated. There are several appendices that include keying and coding information for Mul-T-Lock locks, as well as a patent reference for (almost) all Mul-T-Lock models and components.

  • Anti-Forensics: The Keys to the Farm
  • This paper discusses different types of anti-forensics lockpicking tools and how well they evade forensic detection, particularly tool mark examination through microscopy. We then look at a lockpicking tool called the "Tricerapick" and its valiant effort to evade forensic detection.

  • Beating the BiLock
  • This paper discusses the history and operating principles of the Australian BiLock series of locks. This includes the First Generation, New Generation, and Quick Change removable core designs. In addition, attack techniques against BiLock systems are evaluated, including some newly released decoding vulnerabilities.

  • COMING SOON - Magnetic Locks: Design and Security

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